Stretch Marks Happen, But Don't Lose Hope!

We all want a young tight-looking body without loose skin, stretch marks, age spots, or any other skin blemishes. Unfortunately, this is not fantasy land and most of us will have some skin issues no matter what! However, we can limit the appearance or actually get rid of some of these things, and that is what is all about...
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Charlotte SingerMother of 3 and Author

Thanks for putting up the articles! I learned a lot from reading the stuff on your site. I am trying the coconut oil tip and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for the great tips and helpful insight you provide on nostretchy!

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Maybe some day there will be a cure for stretch marks, age spots, pimples, and.. oh this is a long list! Until that happens we will work hard to provide the best information available to you so that you can improve the look of your skin and the quality of your life!

Thank you for reading!

-Jessica W. Gillian


I battled with stretchmarks for 3 years after my last son Jake was born. I am finally proud of the way my skin looks for the most part (don't get me started on age spots though..) I hope my experience and tips will help other women achieve the same goals!

Thank you!

-Maxine Rodriguez